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In her new memoir, There Is No F*cking Secret: Letters From a Badass Bitch , which the 32-year-old TV personality shared excerpts of with Us Weekly ahead of its release, April 25, Osbourne lays out her long health struggle. During her father Ozzy Osbourne's 56th birthday party in 2004, her mom Sharon Osbourne arranged for a reindeer sanctuary to be added to their backyard, where Kelly was bitten by a tick . While her ข่าวสด เดลินิวส์ dad initially burned the critter off with a match, the insect still drew blood. For over a decade, Kelly suffered from "traveling pain from a sore throat to stomachaches," she wrote. Then, after suffering a seizure on-set of E!'s "Fashion Police" in 2013 , doctors diagnosed her with epilepsy. But Osbourne sensed something wasn't quite right. After that diagnosis, the former drug addict was prescribed a variety of painkillers to ease her aches, but nothing helped, she explained. So she kept researching her symptoms, which led her to Lyme disease. No doctor could confirm it, but as a "last resort," her mom took her to see an alternative medicine practitioner, and for the first time, someone seemed to listen to Kelly's gut feelings.

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